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European Tourism Club


Why were we founded?

Our company, European Tourism Club was founded in England with the purpose of enlivening and diversifying European tourism with competitions, community programmes and international membership.

Why are we doing this? Our mission:

We have created a community in which people are open to different cultures and languages. Our global community keeps the national identity, strengthens our culture, yet it is expressing that we all live in Europe together.
Besides the organization of competitions, the creation of a global discount programme is also among our goals. With our programmes we want to be present in each country and city of Europe through our club members and our parners.

Our team:

We are working with 80 people in order to entertain!
We have shaped our team just like our club. Our co-workers are international and colourful personalities, who ensure the background for us with their work.
We are also members of the club, we actively participate in the programmes and the community, which helps us to create a club, competitions, programmes, and a website that is loveable and which represents value in today's sped-up world.

Prof. Dr. János György Nemcsók

Patron of the Best Job in Europe


Program Manager

Encouraged by the great success of the Australian programme, I felt that Europe needed a programme popularizing Europe like this as well, thus, we have brought Best Job here.

Zsófia Kispál



As the youngest of the company, I supply the whole team with youthful advices. Previously, I haven't taken part in the organization of such a large-scale program, but I enjoy the challenge and the fact that I can learn something new every day.

Dávid Gergely Molnár

Marketing Manager




Keith Paddon

Nathalie Arrington


Svetlana Ignatyeva


Rafael Schüller

Laura Rosamund


Andrea Tóth




Evelin Szabó

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