Best Card Partnership

Europe is yours


Dear Business Partners!

We seek points of acceptance for our Club members. Only one BEST campaign earned an excess of USD 200 million in Global Publicity Value in 196 countries and 330,000 participants. With all competitions lined up, we aim to surpass those numbers and seek to build a truly Global network of loyal members. We strongly believe our efforts would achieve:

  • Strengthening our partners' market share: With our club members, our partner receives such a strong and large customer basis that they can achieve a huge market advantage against their rivals.
  • Creating a loyal customer community: All our members look for discounts, thus, they need our partners.
  • Meeting the target audience: By using commercials, commercial movies (on our programme websites, in the partner search), by newsletter, personally at our events, to which we invite our partners, so that they can meet the Best club members, guests, customers.


  • Wordwide reputation, extensive visibility Continuous advertising on the programme websites (highlighted ads for 30-60-90 days) in our gallery and in our partner list
  • New customers, and providing new advantages for returning customers
  • We give significant discounts from our other advertisment packages (ads, makig commercial movies)
  • Our partner packages are marketing packages, which can be deducted as marketing expense.
  • The name of the partner and their product will be intertwined with the name of a world renowned programme.
  • Simple, easy, lump-sum payment (we don't ask for refinancing, refund, commissions) partner package
  • Partner defines the extent and scope of discounts
  • Traffic growth (naturally depends on the given discount's amount and scope. The bigger the discount, the more club members it attracts)
The program's predecessor attracted several hundreds of thousands of people, while in Europe we predict a crowd of several millions of applicants arriving from all over the world. Take a look at how many people have liked our Facebook page!
Partner membership lasts for 1 year. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions and our Club Rules.