The aim of our club is to create an international community in which members can get to know each other

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European Tourism Club has established its international club, an international community without borders and boundaries, for the members to which it provides worldwide discounts, as well as organising and offering them European programmes, as part of an international club membership. Best Club is an international club that gathers people from all corners and cultures of the world, creating a truly unique united community (club membership).

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Our club's card is Best Card.

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This is one of Europe’s most complex clubs and websites!


The objective of Best Club

One of the key virtues of today is uniqueness and to create lasting value through it for present and future generations. The aim of our club is to create an international community in which members can get to know each other and learn about other cultures, languages and customs. Our Best card, global discount card and at the same time the membership card in our club offers discounts to our members in all areas of life. Our goal is to popularise tourism and increase the number of visitors to Europe through our "The Best Job in Europe” programme. On our website we provide an opportunity for members to share their experiences and thoughts with each other. Our further goal is to ensure that you can find our points of acceptance locations not only in Europe, but throughout the world. At our regularly organized Best events our club members can get to know each other personally. They can make new connections, therefore we not only strengthen European tourism but the establishment of long-term international connections as well.

Who are the members?

Our community is extremely diverse. Therefore the respect of the customs, religious convictions, and property of every club member is of key importance to us. We welcome everyone in Best Club, regardless of gender, age, disability or any other aspect. If you wish to belong to a fun and friendly international community, your place is here! Our club has four official languages: English, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian. Our website is also available in these languages. Our plans for the future includes the addition of the greatest possible number of languages to our list of official languages, including German, French, Chinese, and any other language spoken by our club members. Only natural persons who accept our Conditions of Use and the Data Protection Statement on our website as binding in their regard can become Best Club members. The representatives of our partners and sponsors will also gain membership in our club. Our members shall cooperate in the interest of accomplishing the goals of our club and shall pay the membership fee.

Why will you love our club?

– You will meet new people from all over the world, with whom you can establish a personal connection at our events.
– Your Best card will entitle you to a discount of 5-50% at every points of acceptance location for travel, purchases, accommodation, delicacies or using services / solutions, in all areas of life.
– With your club membership you will gain full access to our website, can take part in all of our programmes
– win valuable prizes in our competitions
– gain an additional income, build a career
– find the partner, travel companion, or even travel destinations that best suit you!