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We are looking for our
Chief Funster, Lead Photographer, and Lead Adventurer!
Your job will be about traveling Europe, taking pictures, recording videos, and blogging about your adventures.
This is the world´s Best Job!

Your salary will be $110,000 and all the supplies you can imagine. Deadline: December 12th, 2017.


Rules: Read the participation requirements

and choose the job that best suits your personality. Would you want to be Chief Funster, Lead Photographer or Lead Adventurer? Complete the form below, submit and win! Deadline to apply: Midnight, 12th of December, 2017. Announcement of the winners will be at 5pm, 15th of December, 2017 Upload a photo and/or a video of yourself, and show us why you would be the most suitable person. Tell us and your competitors why you are the BEST for the best jobs in the world!
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1Who are we looking for?
Who are we looking for? People who are eager to travel and discover the BEST and the most exciting places in Europe. Is it you? Right now, we have several incredible positions waiting for you.
Chief Funster
Lead Photographer
Lead Adventurer
Just so you can have a good time
The Best Job application criteria are simple:
18 years of age by January 1, 2017.
Openness to other cultures.
You do not need to speak any foreign languages to apply.
Upload at least one of your own photo and/or video.
A brief introduction in your native language.
You must have a valid ID, Passport, and Visa if required.
Basic literacy.
2What we want from you?
Show us Europe like never before! Have fun! Enjoy your life to the fullest! Show the world where are the greatest places to go and all the awesomeness you can do there!
Celebrate life, night and day, day and night! Record it all, work with the BEST artists and designers and share the Best job in Europe with the world!
The winner of the contest will have to present European culture and festivals by sharing pictures and videos, and blogging.
You will have the opportunity to stay at the most luxurious hotels, eat at the best restaurants, and all you have to do is to show us those beautiful pictures and videos. An exceptionally fun job, with an exceptional $110,000 salary is waiting for you.
3Positions and Salary offer
Imagine yourself in this position!
Chief Funster
As a Chief Funster, you will show us Europe in a way never seen before! Using videos, blogs, giving us information every time you see and visit somewhere new and awesome! To make things easier, our film crew will also join you on this journey. You will become a superstar! Just as to other two winners, the Lead Photographer and the Lead Adventurer. We will show you everything you need to know and do! Just imagine all of the emotions, excitement, adventures and new experiences that will cross your path while you travel to the BEST destinations in Europe.

Your salary will be $110,000 plus we will cover all your expenses throughout the year of your exploration!

Lead Photographer

All you have to do is share the trip of your lifetime through your eyes by pictures, videos and blogs…while working with top artists and designers! Everything you experience will be shared with the world! Millions, if not billions of people will experience your fabulous life through your pictures and videos. On top of that, we will teach you everything there is to know! This is the BEST place for you to become world renowned!

Your salary will be $70,000 plus we will cover all your expenses throughout the year of your exploration!

Lead Adventurer

You must be bonkers not to try all the extremes Europe has to offer. You will be the hero of the land, air and sea! For a year, we will make sure your adrenaline will be pumping through your veins at the speed of light. You will be the wildest, craziest, the most extreme lord of the lords. A new legend is born!

Your salary will be $70,000 plus we will cover all your expenses throughout the year of your exploration!

Become popular!
4Process of selection
You will find your uploaded application (video, photo) in our gallery, by the serial number we add to your upload. All you will receive in a confirmation email. Afterwards, your friends, family and anyone else that likes you in our gallery can vote to increase your chances to win one of the greatest positions in the world. Votes will be counted separately for each job! You will enter into the competition based on public votes. People will vote by clicking on the “Vote” button in our web gallery and the closing time will be indicated in the headline of our gallery. In the Qualifying Round, only 3,000 applicants will be accepted. At the end of the Qualifying Round, 1,000 highest voted applicants will be selected into the Semi-finals. Remember, you will battle through the competition and win, only if people like your uploads. So better make sure you will stand out. Applicants accepted in the Semi-finals will receive a gift club membership for one year with many perks within, and the closing of the Semi-final Round will be indicated in the headline of our gallery. Top 10 contestants will receive special rewards from our sponsors, e. g. holiday trip, car, and many perks from leading fashion companies, etc. The winners will accompany us to a one-year European tour as part of the “Best Job in the World” program.

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