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We believe we share your priorities. Opinions of your customers, guests, and patrons are at utmost importance in this competitive environment. Simple effective communication is at the core of gaining customers confidence and a well-produced advertisement is indispensable in its attainment. Our team works tirelessly to help businesses creating and excellent quality and cost-effective commercial advertisement.

What is there to know before the first video commercial is ordered:

First thing first, every idea must be put on paper and create a script we will follow. You can create your draft and write the script yourself, or cooperate with our team of professionals.
Most of the well-known music and its availability on the internet is copyrighted. Therefore, its use in commercial settings is contingent when obtaining copyrights. Results are very costly and time consuming. Hence why, we recommend using music for your videos that is already available in our database. We provide various options for the musical background and effects, depending on the feel / impact you want to achieve.
3Visual quality:
We produce our videos in HD quality and make them suitable for broadcasting in television without the loss of quality. Our videos are delivered in .avi file format, which is playable on all sharing sites and other web pages, as well as on all media players.
Would you require a different format? We can deliver that as well!
4The process of production:
Once we have agreed on the script (made by you, us, or in cooperation), we create the schedule. In this phase we will make the Production and Delivery and notify you on the deadline and the final price. When this is done, we sign the agreement containing the script and begin the production of your desired video. At the end, we will go through the final tweaks and adjust the video to your liking before the delivery of the finished version (via mail and/or email).
We do not wish to hold the copyrights of the created video, hence they will be transferred to your ownership at the time of the delivery of the video. However, we retain the right to use your video for reference purposes

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